"Ask Karen About Horses"

Overwhelmed by Google and the Internet ???

Do you wish you had someone to help you find the best solution for a specific problem or product for you and your horse?  How many of us have gone down that ‘rabbit hole’ of researching one thing and boom, one story and opinion and consequent link leads us to 2 more stories and opinions and another and another and so on and so on, ad nauseam?   

Research can take you in directions which are wildly irrelevant to your original query. 

It’s easy to get sidetracked when doing research and lose track of time.  

What is the one thing we can never get back?    OUR TIME!!

 We have an infinite wealth of information, connections and resources at our fingertips, thanks to the internet and smartphones. What most don’t have is an abundance of time or unlimited attention spans.    

TIME is the most valuable thing YOU have !

Let’s face it, you either love to research or you don’t !  It’s time consuming to begin sorting through all the information on the internet.  


I LOVE to research and, if I do say so myself, am pretty good at it! I have spent many years attending clinics, workshops, lessons and shows for my own education. I have studied many varied subjects and themes through online courses and materials. Add to that 100's of books, magazines, dvds, VHS tapes, and written educational materials in my reserach library.  

Over 40+ years of researching, experiencing, experimenting and researching again, nearly anything equine. My education is vast and varied, resulting in an eclectic gathering of information.  From what interests ME personally, to seeing my students needs in the way of tools, equipment, experience and knowledge.  

My extensive continuing education in  various horsemanship disciplines lends my opinion on methods and techniques I have studied.  Classical and Natural Horsemanship, Reward Based Training, Straightness Training, Gymnastic Dressage,  Classical Long Lining, Liberty, Biomechanics for Horse and Rider, Healthy Movement, Movement Science and Functional Movement . The culmination of this education is my Motivational Horsemanship program.

This eclectic mix allows me to point you in the right direction for any aspect on your horsemanship journey, whether it is tools and equipment to help your skills ….to what method you might experiment with to progress your goals and success. 

I have been a researcher for years and am a first resource for many for horse related questions.  Let me sort through the plethora of information online and offer my opinion of what to apply for you and your horse for any given situation.  Let me cut through the onslaught of contrasting and conflicting information to get you an answer. 

  No question is too big or small…Let me give you ‘the gift of time’ with your horse.   



Here’s how to set up a consultation with Karen.  

Contact by email:



 $ 100/hour, prorated based on the actual amount of time (in 15 minute increments) needed for research and the returned email report to you. 

 Most visits take 15-60 minutes, depending on the complexity of query.  More than one visit may be required.  You will be asked for payment through Payal prior to consultation. 

 Long Distance Phone/Zoom Coaching  

Email today to schedule a personal long-distance coaching session with Karen.

"Ask Karen About Horses" Consultation and Research Service


"For those of us who really want to do our best for our horses, or to simply find the best quality vs price on a product, it is really nice to have a trusted friend we can ask. I’ve known Karen Jones for many years and in many different contexts and she has always been a ‘go to’ person whenever I needed a recommendation for something and searching the internet was driving me crazy. She has experience in an impressive range of areas and loves doing the research to find the best answer for you.

Next time, instead of getting confused and frustrated by conflicting information ‘out there’ on something important:  'Ask Karen' instead!"  ~Karen Rohlf, Dressage Naturally

“I was searching for my next partner and Karen was the first one I thought of to ask help engage my search.  The breed wasn’t her specialty, but in 2 days time, she had put together a small group of like-minded riders who owned that breed.  I would post short videos to the group or prospects and was so grateful for each person’s opinion on their likes and dislikes.  I had never met these horsewomen, but they were friends of Karen’s and she knew that they would lend valuable contributions to our conversations.  I will gladly pay for this ‘experience and knowledge service’ in the future.  Thank you Karen.   ~Linda “

 “I knew I needed some new equipment, specifically ropes and reins.  Karen is the first person I thought of to ask what she was currently using.  She sent me complete descriptions of several types of ropes, along with links of where I could order.  I have asked Karen on many occasions for this type of information and she has always given me more than I needed or really wanted to know.  I am glad she has finally made her ‘knowledge, experience and resources’ into a business so that more may benefit.  Thanks Karen!   ~ Marion”

"My horse suffered a bowed tendon and was on stall rest for months.  I asked Karen her opinion on the type of rehab exercises I might consider since I am using positive reinforcement with the clicker as my training modality.   She gave me several exercises with detailed comments on how and why it was good for my horse’s rehab.  I offered to pay her, but she wouldn’t take a penny.  So happy for her that she is offering her gift of researching and her experiences as part of her Motivational Horsemanship business.  ~ Jessica”

 “I have been following Karen and Rhett on FB for a couple of years and to say I am impressed with what they have achieved together is an understatement.  I knew I had some behavior challenges with my horses, one in particular.  I emailed Karen and she was gracious with her time and pointed me in the right direction to begin learning about positive reinforcement. She gave me links to get needed equipment for our journey.  I am now one of her long distance coaching students and the progress and fun my horse and I have is awesome.  Thank you Karen for sharing your love of the horse! ~Ellen”


Foundational Truth –

 TIME is our most valuable asset and we don’t have enough of it. 

                         Let me save you time and money by doing                                                          personalized reseasrch for you!

To schedule a consultation, please contact email:  karen@motivationalhorsemanship.com