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"Your Training Session" Video and Phone Coaching


Video and Phone Coaching

Personalized Coaching Program

Discover Independent Learning

They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit, and 3 months to make it an embedded part of the 'new you'.

"Your Training Session" Video and Phone Coaching is a revolutionary way of learning, virtually and in person!


This coaching program is designed exclusively for you to 'help YOU learn to help your horse'.  

It is a program that teaches you to observe and identify 'behaviors' and help you create strategies to change those behaviors.

It has elements of both science and factual evidence, so it is not a quick 'fix', but a  change in your relationship with your horse.   

Coaching is successful because you get: a plan, accountability, support. 

Take the first step today. 

Let's chat, then you can determine how  you want to proceed towards deeping your connection and relationship with your horse. 


Discover Independent Learning

Personalized Coaching Program

Discover Independent Learning

  • Learn how to achieve lasting and desirable results, creating  increased confidence in you and your horse.

  • Learn a different way of thinking and how to apply that new knowledge in fun, puzzle solving experiments with your horse.

  • Learn how to experience authentic joy through autonomy during your training and your horse will thank you by increasing offers of more connection. 

  • Learn how to improve your relationship in you rgroundwork.

  • Learn how to improve your relationship in the saddle. 


Personalized Coaching Program

Personalized Coaching Program

Personalized Coaching Program


Video and phone coaching is a great way to track your progress, learn a new skill, refine your existing play or experiment with new methods!   

Through the evaluation, Karen will provide professional feedback, tips and advice to help you troubleshoot your area of concern and will help you come up with a customized plan to address your concern and reach your goals.

Motivational Horsemanship's video and phone coaching program allows you to study emailed comments at specific video time-stamps, while making your own notes and returning to experiment with your horse.

Video and phone coaching for evaluations and consultations is a great way to get an equine behaviorist's opinion on the aspects of the behavior being observed.

Video and phone coaching is an easy, effective, convenient and more cost conscious way to get support and guidance with your horse. 


Video and Phone Coaching Program and Service

"Your Training Session" - A Revolutionary Way to Learn.

Coaching is successful because you get: a plan, accountability, support. 

I want to use technology and creativity to help you! 

Access to knowledgeable eyes on the ground and help from knowledgeable horse trainers has always been a challenge for those living remotely. 

Just imagine how productive you will be when you have a well thought out plan for a training session! 

Let me help keep you motivated, inspired, ready to experiment and solidly on track with your training program! 

Online video coaching is for you if:


 -You struggle to balance demands of your time.

 -You want to study with a certain teacher.
-You live remotely or want convenience.
-You have unique needs, performance goals.


My Video coaching is successful because you get :

  • A Plan
  • Accountability
  • Support

Take the first step today.  Schedule a Motivational Call with Karen.


Video Coaching Pricing

3 Video Packages

1.   4-6 Minute Video Coaching Review and Two Questions

Upload a 4-6 minute video* of you working with your horse for Karen

to review and assess what you need. 

Upon review, you will receive:

  • One email with review and comments.

Cost: $95 per assessment

2.  10-15 Minute Video Coaching Review and Three Questions


Upload up to 15 minutes of video* of you working with your horse for review. email her your questions with an unlisted  You Tube video link.

Upoin review, you will receive:

  • One  email review with assessment and comments. 
  • One  15 minute Zoom call to discuss comments and homework.

​Cost: $195 per assessment

3. Long Distance Phone/Zoom Coaching

Email to schedule a long-distance coaching session. 

​Cost: $100/hour - 30 minute minimum

Custom packages available upon request.


Instructions for Video and Phone Coaching


The challenge at hand needs to be easy to identify. 

For example, I will need close-up shots of the areas that are in question, or are of concern, in your work with your horse. 

If your footage is blurry, too far away, or too close up for me to detect the issue at hand, you will be asked to record and submit new footage. 

Many students create a private YouTube account and upload their videos for easy viewing. I need an unlisted or private link to view your submitted video.

1. Once you decide which coaching session you want/need, narrow your focus down to the most important area(s) you need assistance with and we will begin there.

2. Once you have outlined the most important area(s), please list additional areas in case we have time to discuss.

3. I will respond within 48 hours. Videos will be reviewed within 3 business days of payment.

4. Please secure with online payment to ( Payment secures your coaching call.

5. If phone coaching is used,  I will email you to schedule our session. It is done in a live Zoom call, so you’ll need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone. 

NOTE: For continued coaching, you can purchase an hour and we can use 15 min segments of that hour, leaving the remaining for the next session. Example: We use 15 minutes the second session, leaving 45 minutes for the third and/or fourth session. 

They say it takes 21 days to start a new habit, and 3 months to make it an embedded part of the 'new you'. 

What Students are saying about Video Coaching

Humbling Testimonials

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen a few years ago at a clinic in New England. It was about the same time that Rhett appeared in her life. I have been following Rhett's journey almost from the beginning and have been amazed at Karen's approach with him. Little did I know I would have similar challenges when I adopted a little mule named Ferris. I knew traditional training methods would not not work. He was too fearful, too strong and too dangerous for me. There had to be a better way.
I turned to Karen several times for advice.  Using my training videos, she had the ability to quickly pinpoint the areas I could improve for my relationship with Ferris. She was so patient and was able to help me develop an effective plan in addressing my challenges. One thing that sets Karen apart from other coachs and instructors is her deep understanding of the human equine connection and vast training experience in many discplines and fields, such as natural horsemanship, classical and traditional horsemanship, straightness training, dressage,  . She pointed out I need to listen to what Ferris was literally screaming to me. For me it was 'the space between the notes'. We are slowly developing trust with each other and I have Karen to thank for it. 
I highly recommend using Karen's online video coaching education program to anyone who wants a better relationship with their equine friend and to better any of their skills.    I know Ferris appreciates her feedback.

Best of luck...
Thanks  again, Joanie & Ferris. "

I wasn't sure that such a short clip, at only 2 minutes would provide ample material for discussion, indeed our time by phone was packed with feedback to help me improve my horsemanship. I made notes while Karen talked so I know exactly what she said about each section of the video and I have then been able to go back countless times and watch those 2 minutes over and over. I learned a tremendous amount and was able to use it when I ride. It has made a huge difference for both my horse and my riding. Each evaluation is a private lesson that I will have forever as a reference, allowing us to layer and progress! I cannot recommend this form of instruction enough."
- Judy

"I've been learning positive reinforcement and clicker training remotely with Karen for a few weeks, and I'm already having a blast and seeing what a huge difference it's making in my relationship with my horse. He's eager about our sessions, curious, and more trusting of all the new tools we're using together. I can feel a big shift in our co-created energy, and know in my heart this is a big transformation for both of us. Thank you, Karen, for your enthusiasm, encouragement and sense of humor to weather the bumps, laugh at ourselves, and have a great time with our equines."


Live Coaching and Lesson Program

In-Person Coaching and Lessons

Personal Coaching Private Lessons

Karen comes to you for In-Person Coaching Sessions.

1. In-person coaching sessions are $75/hour with a minimum of two hours.​

Travel fees are $ 25 - $ 150 depending on distance.

2. Semi Private or Group and Workshop Lessons

Karen comes to you for In-Person Semi Private or Group Lessons.

In-person coaching sessions are $ 60/hour per person (2-6) with a min of two hours.

Regular Coaching and Lessons is successful because you get: 

  • A plan
  • Accountability
  • Support 

Take the first step today.  Schedule your Free "Motivational Call".