'Holistic Approach blended with Science'



Learn to Create:

 Change and develop your unique 'self-awareness' about the relationship with your horse with Motivational Horsemanship's  "Mind Heart Connection Meditation".

You create the ultimate 'heart-connected' and spiritual connection, based on mutual trust and communication.    

You become one in spirit and this fulfills you both.  Spirituality and Heart flow into every interaction with your horse.

       Mind, body and spirit flow as one.

When the horse is communicating from its spiritual self, it’s pretty straight-forward.  That is where I allow them to be the teacher and I, truly, the 'student of the horse'. 

I guide you to find and embrace the mind, the body and the spirit of you and your horse. 



Learn to Create:

Thought Based Training

Foundations of Positive Reinforcement Skills and Techniques

Classical Conditioning  

Quadrants of Operant Conditioning

Target Training

Emotion Focused Training Techniques

Animal Husbandry Tasks and Techniques

Energywork such as Reiki, Chakra work and Equine Touch

Liberty Play


Learn to Create: 

The Relationship

The Mindset

The Ingredients: 





The ingredients lead to the study of movement science. 

 Learn how create and develop FUNctional movement that serves the horse well, both in unmounted and mounted play.

Online Groundwork Play


The play is created around transferring groundwork to the saddle and riding.   

You and Your Horse Learn

Rope Handling play

Basic Handling and Leading

    Space and Boundary    


Animal Husbandry Tasks and Techniques

Biomechanics of Movement 


Ab/Core Work

Embodiment of FUNctional Movement

Self Carriage



Arena Play

Round Pen Play

Holistic Horsemanship and Science



Permission to Mount

'Pre-Flight' Checks for safety

Purpose of warmup

BodyScan for horse and rider

Riding with Mind Awareness

Riding with Energy Awareness

Suppling and 'Contact' Exercises for horse and rider 

Arena exercises with FUNctional movement

When you begin working on your own asymmetries, you will notice that you and your horse have challenges in mirrored areas.  

The above are ingredients to have a 'great ride' that brings confidence and joy to both horse and rider.

Live or Virtual Lessons



All of these elements are available in-person AND through Karen's  Video Coaching Program. 


My passion for learning has led me to seek out answers using the knowledge and experience I have amassed through the various disciplines.   

 This ability has given my program the flexibility to deal with a wide variety of challenges that I and my clients may encounter. The process is not static but ever changing as new challenges constantly present themselves.

Video Coaching Program is perfect for long distance students.  Many of my current students use this video coaching service between lessons to continue progressing forward and adding to their fun!

I will travel to your location for 1-3 days for Private Lessons and Workshops. Clinics and Camps vary from 4-8 days in length. Daily Rate, Travel Fee and Expenses apply. 

If you'd like to schedule a 'learning opportunity' with Karen in your area, click:  karen@motivationalhorsemanship.com