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Helping people understand and enjoy training their horses!Helping people understand and enjoy training their horses!Helping people understand and enjoy training their horses!Helping people understand and enjoy training their horses!




About Karen and Motivational Horsemanship


Karen is passionate about teaching you to enjoy training and finding success your horse.

She is best known for her personal coaching style and intuitive approach to teaching people and training horses.  Karen's method combines the Art of Classical Horsemanship and Dressage with the principles and theories of positive reinforcement, clicker training, and movement science. Communication is built, clarified and strengthened, while relationships blossom and transform through movement exercises, both on the ground and riding.

‘Creating Balance between Horses and their Humans’

I help horses and riders find harmony in thought (mind), movement (body) and relationship (spirit). With this holistic approach to horsemanship blended with science, I provide expert knowledge and instruction for the whole horse and rider.  My approach is multi-dimensional and includes the physical, emotional, mental  and spiritual aspects of both the person  and horse.

My vast experience in a multitude of disciplines enables me to provide expert and individualized attention to both the well-being and soundness of your horse, as well as the management, handling, nutrition, education and athletic maintenance of horse and rider.

I am passionate about teaching you to enjoy training and finding success with your horse!


"What I can get your horse to do is less important to me than what you can learn to do with your own horse.”

“The work I do and teach provides straightforward information on helping people understand their horses and their behaviors."

This way they can make better decisions relating to the training methods they choose to use. I help people follow their own path and reach their own potential, empowering them with confidence and progress on their horsemanship journey.

"I am a trainer of humans and their horses that uses the practical applications of the science of behavior and learning theory to teach safe, ethical and sustainable solutions."

I favor positive reinforcement training whenever possible and I always look for the best scenario and training solution based on the unique blend of owner, horse, task and environment. 

"I don’t use a single ‘method’ since my work is based on scientific research and evidence based facts."

My job as teacher is to translate that research into practical applications and help find the right tools for each situation.

“My principles and understanding of horses can be used to compliment other training methods."

I do my best to provoke thought based on facts, so people can choose what resonates with them and their horse.

“I teach people to have fun while learning."

Lessons and  workshops are balanced with theory and practical, delivered with a sense of humor and encouragement of participation.  Encouraging people to have fun and trust their instincts increases their confidence in their skills and growing knowledge.

I listen carefully to what each student wants and needs so that I can find individual solutions to each situation.  I work with you to create the learning experience you really need by listening carefully to what you feel.   We take this learning experience directly to your horse as he become your teacher.

"What I can get your horse to do is less important to me that what you can learn to do with your own horse.”

Member of the IAABC

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

Karen's Biography

Karen Jones, creator of Motivational Horsemanship, is a horse lover, a horse  owner, a horse advocate, an educator of horses, an educator  of humans and an educator of horses and their humans together.  She is a  passionate learner, researcher and experimenter of the sciences of how horses  and humans engage and learn.  It has been her life-long pursuit to educate,  inspire, and motivate horses and their humans. Now,  tackling something outside  of her comfort zone, Karen is writing about her horse journeys and what she has  learned along the way from the horses she has encountered.  Karen brings a  wealth of knowledge and skills to her teaching style, partnered with a fresh  approach to observing and listening to the horses.  She educates, inspires and  motivates both horse and human to want and love to learn.

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Motivational Horsemanship

Newnan, Georgia 30263, United States

(678) 877-4817

Motivational Horsemanship Services

Private and Group Lessons, Workshops, Clinics, Camps and Personalized Retreats

Karen travels regularly to seve

Karen travels to scheduled areas regularly in the US for monthly and bimonthly lesson blocks.  

Regularly scheduled  'One on One' time can greatly enhance your learning experience, skills and techniques.    

Many of my current students use my video coaching program between regularlessons to make sure they are on the right track and to continue progressing.  

They also like the ability to 'experiment' and receive 'rewatchable' and 're-study-able' feedback. 

"Video and Phone Coaching" Program


Motivational Horsemanship's  

 Video Coaching Program is a revolutionary way of learning.  

This education program is designed exclusively for you to 'help YOU help your horse'.  

It is a program that teaches you to observe and identify 'behaviors' and help you create strategies to change those behaviors.  


Video coaching is a great way to track your progress, learn a new skill, refine your existing play or experiment with new methods!   

 Through the evaluation, Karen will provide professional feedback, tips and advice to help you troubleshoot your area of concern and will help you come up with a customized plan to address your concern and reach your goals.

"Ask Karen About Horses" Consult and Research Service


Overwhelmed by Google and the Internet??? 

Do you wish you had someone to help you find the best solution for a specific problem or behavior for you and your horse?  How many of us have gone down that ‘rabbit hole’ of researching one thing and boom, one story and opinion and consequent link leads us to 2 more stories and opinions, and another and another and so on and so on, ad nauseam? 

Research can take you in directions which are wildly irrelevant to your original query.  It’s easy to get sidetracked when doing research and lose track of time. 

Humbling Testimonials


Karen has the knowledge, skills and intuition to help you and your horse reach incredible levels of trust and respect to reach levels of performance that radiates the incredible joy both human and horse have. Karen has been guiding me on my journey with my horses since 2007. 



 Highly recommend! She is an amazing horsewoman and a great teacher! Her methods make perfect sense, and she knows how to explain to each individual depending on their needs. ~Sidney 

Karen applies science and feel in her training. She is patient, creative and versatile in how she shares information. Her lessons always make me feel better about myself and my relationships with my horses. ~Kathy

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!!!! COMING SOON !!!!

   Motivational Horsemanship     Online Course

'I Love My Horse, but...'

"Why Does He Do That?"

This course covers the sciences of why behaviors occur, and how adding new learning theories will help you and your horse understand and enjoy training.     

The material will be presented through videos,  written material, questionnaires 

quizzes and checklists. 

 Stay tuned for the Release  

     date for this informative       and fun course. 


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